The New Rules in Schools

The rules in schools have changed drastically over the past one hundred years. Cities and towns have become well populated leading to a growth of the educational system. The saying “ the more the merrier” may not apply in this situation. With the rising numbers of students and the decline of societal standing, there is a perceived gap within the rules we see today.

Past School Rules

The days of ringing the bell for a small class in a one room school house are far behind us. In those times the main concern was a fight among peers or the occasional class clown. Fast forward a few years and  classes went from small groups to large gatherings. Bigger buildings were utilized and teachers were multiplied. Fashion and etiquette became bolder than the world had seen in prior years. This changed the rules especially in schools. Students were still polite yet had become more independent in their thinking. The educational system found themselves with a thicker playbook of guidelines.

The fight for rights was open across the board during the mid-twentieth century. Classrooms became louder and groups formed by class, interest and behavior. The basics that were once socially adapted had evolved. This led to safety in numbers as students made decisions. Smoking, drinking, fighting and bullying was not completely widespread however it had become a common occurrence in High Schools. Rules were set such as no running or gum chewing were allowed. Even though the notion was considered “square” by most pupils, they abided by them for the most part.

Modern School Rules

The last quarter of the Twentieth Century has paved the way into what we find in current trends. The diverse opinions and characteristics have made a stand in the schools. Bullying and other activities that are deemed harmful are becoming the center of attention. Schools have had to create rules in anticipation of them happening. You will find metal detectors and officers posted at some schools to maintain a peaceful environment. Rules and regulations are thorough and detailed with connected consequences.

We have seen rules change and form to the demands of the time period. With so many students in each building, there is a layering of guidelines to be followed. The younger generations have differing life experiences than their ancestors, grandparents and even their parents. This is taken into account for the new rules that are being set today. Prohibited items, speech and actions go hand in hand bringing counselors to expand their perception to fit the needs of the individual student. In addition to staffing, Courts and lawmakers have become integrated with the educational system to maintain momentum and order in the classrooms.

As a Rule

We have seen rises and challenges in the rules for schools. While some policies are antiquated with tradition, others have become a necessary addition to the school day. Students will benefit in this ever changing world as schools rise to occasion and develop a guideline for a safe and well educated class.