The Everyday Mathematics

Albert Einstein once stated, “Pure mathematics, is in its way the poetry of logical ideas”.  For anyone who has tried to configure calculus in their life, math may not seem as eloquent as Einstein had thought. Algebraic equations and Quantum Mechanics are dynamically complex theories.

Math in its basic form to intricate calculations have been the very foundation of some of our greatest inventions and discoveries. Scientific theories, Technology and Time itself is based on the inner workings of Mathematics. If we can gauge the planetary axis and elements of the universe using numerical variations, there are definitely daily interactions we have with Math.

Math is Everywhere

It all starts with the simple computations of addition and subtraction. As time moves forward, the Math book gets bigger. At the time of studying for tests, we may not fully appreciate the importance and impact it has on our everyday life. You hear students complain about Geometry wondering when they will ever use this information again. Daily interactions and transactions use percentages and technical math processes for even the smallest of details. Purchases and budgets are mathematically constructed. Our paychecks, taxes and personal expenses result in us using figures every day.

Cooking a meal utilizes calculated amounts for each recipe. If you do not use exact measurements, that is where estimations come in handy. Anything we create, build or buy has been touched by a numerical value. Engineers and Developers rely heavily on precision and accuracy with the application of facts and figures. From the Cars we drive to the roads we drive on, you can be sure that Math had a hand in its design. The connection between Math and the modern world is everywhere we look.

Math from Yesterday

The masterminds of our past gave us the formulas that produced the algorithms and theorems we use today. The configurations and transformations of various laws and methods can be traced to ancient times. These threads of possibilities came together by centuries of brilliant understandings.  Mathematicians and Scientists such as Blaise Pascal, Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein are an integral piece of the Mathematical “Pi”. Without the hard work and cognitive efforts of our predecessors, we would not carry the advancements in neither math nor science that we have today.

Speaking of Time

Temporal measurement has captivated scholars for thousands of years. The use of astrology to form a timeline resulted in the use of Mathematics. Time intervals, durations and dates were conceived measurements and calculative theories. Philosophers have peered the topic of single continuum or spacetime in hopes to discover the actualized physics of time in relativity to the universe.

There have been hypothetical ponderings over time travel and parallel universes. The Mathematical components to confirm the capability has been discovered, however the real time conjunction between theory and actuality are not yet confirmed. Many people have a love-hate relationship with Mathematics. The truth is, Math has become a second nature to most of us, linking our lives from what could be to all of the definite possibilities.