Technology in the Modern Classroom

There once was a time, when a number 2 pencil and a good memory was all you needed to take a test in school. As we advance into a technological era, computers and electronic devices have taken a stand in the classroom. We have gone from floppy disks to wireless set ups that is moving the current generations into the future.

Parents may feel overwhelmed with the amount of technology that has made its way into the modern classroom. There are more pros than cons when it comes to using the advantages of an online educational structure. The world has opened the eyes and minds of students with furthered accessibility to the varied cultures found around the globe. While there are several factors to consider, there are a few main stream ways that Technology has an impact in our schools.

Tests and Assessments

Instead of taking paper tests and waiting for your grade, online testing and assessments have made it possible to gather your results in a matter of minutes. This helps the student to understand where they excel and what they may need to work on. This method also saves time in the classroom.


Teachers and Students are using email and online communications to keep in contact with each other and classrooms abroad. Reminders are set for assignments and upcoming tests to assist the student in scheduling and staying on task. The results show in less missed assignments and  higher grade averages.


Instead of researching through several books in the library, students have access to a plethora of information with the click of a button. Using the internet gives the student more time to study and the opportunity to thoroughly investigate the topic they are working on.


Reading and learning go hand in hand. Before technology had a presence, books had to be signed out to a student. This limited the time and access each student had to the same book. The costs to the school for lost and damaged books also infringed on other priorities and programs. In todays time, books are available online. From text books to fictional musings, every student has a chance to read on their favorite or assigned subjects.


The internet provides vibrant methods of teaching that may have otherwise been lost in translation. Imaginative interactive interfaces make it possible to learn in a new and effective way. This can also aid in narrowing the learning curve between students as most applications can be customized for a better experience.

Tech Tid Bit

The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows”, Sydney J. Harris, a journalist, once stated in regards to the subject. Technology is growing at an unprecedented pace. Business and education have both welcomed the advancement bringing us into a new era. The list of new tech items continue to grow and adapt. The world is at our fingertips and our students are able to grow and learn with a modern perception.