Science in Our Everyday Life

Busy days keep many of us going on an around the clock schedule. School, work or at home obligations leave little room for the smaller details in our life. In fact, at least thirty percent of our time is spent on auto pilot. We no longer think about the small actions we make when we enter a room, or even take an aspirin. It is easy to forget that Science has been at the core of everyday conveniences.

Science has brought us from back then to a modern era. In school, we learn that a scientific hypothesis is only a theory until proven otherwise. The great scientists of our history have given us the scientific foundation to propel into the Twenty First Century. From technological marvels to minute details, there is a bit of Science in everything we do.


When the power goes out from a storm, you may feel as if you should hitch the wagon to the horses. We are accustomed to turning on a light switch or having an air conditioner in the hot summer months. Your phone, television and computer rely on electricity for everyday use. It all started with a scientific hypothesis that Ben Franklin carried out and discovered the seeds of information that would become one of the largest conveniences used to date.


From coughs to colds, we have the medicine to cure our ails. At one time in history, the common cold was considered life threatening. From the Eighteenth Century to now, Science has moved leaps and bounds creating an entire system of diagnosis and treatment options. Germs, bacteria and various viruses have been identified using Science increasing the methods of both precaution and prevention.


When you go to the store and see the fresh greens and vibrant colored vegetables, you may not think of the science of it all. Science is there, even in the produce section. The means to mass produce and distribute these healthy gems are brought to us with the research and ingenious application of … you guessed it… Science. Without scientific contribution, we may have a harder time meeting supply and demand within the growing communities.

Personal Matters

Hygiene and beauty regimens are fueled by the formulations of scientific research and studies. From hair care to household products, Science has made personal items less of a commodity and more of an everyday convenience. Before hygienic advances, the world had to make do with what they had. The personal hygiene practices of the 1800s are much different than what we know now. We are fortunate to have both science and hygiene on our side.

Scientifically Speaking

There are hundreds of large and small gestures that Science has sent our way. Take a moment and think about what we do on a daily basis and how Science has had an impact on our everyday lives. As the physicist Edward Teller stated, “The Science of today is the technology of tomorrow”.