Five Literary Classics to Read

Reading is more than a hobby. The pages of a book can bring your day to a whole other place and time. From imaginative tidings to factual findings, reading allows you to see different perspectives and perceptions. These facets open your mind to the many possibilities both in yourself and in the world around you. The literary world encourages envisioned expressions while leading you down the path of discovery.

Through the years, we have experienced literary works that continue to have an impact on our society. These Novels have been passed down over the generations and continue to be a delightful and enchanting read. In a modern surrounding, keeping connected to the favorites will inspire our own aspirations for the years to come. The following five classic pieces are an Art form that continue to captivate us with a graceful charm.

Pride and Prejudice

Travel back into the world of Jane Austen. While you are among the quaint towns and elite socialistic presumptions, you will meet our strong-minded heroine, Elizabeth. She meets her match when Mr. Darcy makes his entrance behind his own misunderstood and brooding persona. The genuine articulation and premise bring us the understanding that perception and intention are two differing concepts.

The Diary of Anne Frank

A young girl became famous for her day to day journaling of one of the most trying times our histories has experienced. Anne has become an inspiration to the world as she remained a bright strength in the darkest hours. A keen understanding of this family’s experience has touched our hearts forever.

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Mark Twain brings us into the past where there was a simpler way of life mingled with the complexities of tainted ideologies. The dual sided world is perplexed through the young Huckleberries eyes as we follow his adventures with a widened interest. His story shows us how lifes smaller surprises can change in the matter of a minute.

The Hobbit

J.R.R. Tolkien allows us to immerse ourselves in a fantasy that brings together humans with the eloquently created characters who reside in Middle Earth. Written with descriptive precision, this story will enchant you from beginning to end with an adventurous spirit and the soul of friendships. The magic of these epic tales is the gift of insight into our own thoughtful reflections.

Little Women

A diverse group of personalities, strengths and differences help each other to rise and fall in a time of war and economic turns. Friendship, camaraderie and sisterhood remains the framed foundation of life as they rose above preconceived notions. In this story you will find a genuine vindication for the spirit of creativity.

The Classic End

These five fascinating tales and truths are at the top of the reading list for both young adults and adults alike. Start your own reading list with this comprehensive list of classics. The modern-day reads are wonderful additions to your reading itinerary; however the classics will remain the masterpieces of Literature.