Do Children Benefit from School Schedules?

In the bright time of the morning, the first bell of the school day rings. Students have a regimented schedule to follow for their classes and assignments. Some wonder if the timely rules are too stringent for children and teens. The topic is debatable depending on which side of the School yard fence you are on. In reviewing history and outcomes, we can see a pattern of cause and effect. Much of the controversy hinges on children growing up too quickly in a world that seems to move faster every day.

Home Schedules

One of the pivotal points in time that produced this effect is the upsurge of what was once called “latch key kids”. It has been found children are home alone for a period of time after school and in the evening due to the economic needs of the household. Most children do not display adverse reactions to their time at home. It has been shown to improve their levels of independent thinking as they have more room to make certain choices.

Setting household rules can help limit their options which promote healthy boundaries. Instilling responsibility in a school aged child is considered a positive attribute. Where the decline begins to approach is when a child has too much freedom to make difficult choices on their own. If they do not have a deep sense of accountability, this is where some problems can occur.

Schedules of the Times

Through time, Students attended school and tended to their home after. It was common to have some afternoons to fish, visit friends or socialize, however the itinerary was strongly enforced. In those times, convenience was not readily available. Many families had farms and homesteads that were manually kept. Foods were gathered and prepared without the amenities we have today. Life was harder without  push button technologies. This produced a different mindset than what is now considered customary.

Educational systems try to maneuver through the prevalent with keeping a structured schedule. Essentially it is believed to offer stability and accountability in an era of supply and demand. On the flip side, many parents feel children should stay as carefree as possible before having to enter into an adult working life that is full of responsibility. They speculate if the early mornings paired with an excess of home assignments keep their child from having an actual childhood.

Timely Thoughts

Life and daily schedules can be stressful and grueling to say the least. It is no wonder we look at our youth and hope they can savor their adolescence.  In modern society, we seem to have advanced to an opposite extreme of what we have experienced in History. Lifestyles and necessities have grown expeditiously causing a rift for both sides.

Just as the seasons change and the decades progress, we need to seek a balance that is beneficial for children of all ages. Merging the tried and true with all of the knowledge we have gained will take time to find the fine line of synchrony.