The Whole City Is In The Focus Of Science

The Whole City Is In The Focus Of Science

How can people age healthily in the long run? This question has been investigated in South Tyrol, Italy for more than 30 years with the help of a long-term study. The whole city is undergoing this research that examines age-related diseases. The so-called Bruneck Study has been running since 1990 and this town is ideal place for this purpose. After […]

Trisolaris By Liu Cixin Becomes A TV-show

Trisolaris By Liu Cixin Becomes A TV-show

Ever since the world success adaptation of the novel The Lord Of The Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien, the producers have been looking for fantastic material that could follow in the footsteps of Peter Jackson’s monumental films. Game Of Thrones also managed to achieve this success on television. It proves that expensive novel adaptations also work on the small […]

Top Tips for New Teaching Assistants

Make Sure You Know Everybody’s Name ASAP Essentially, as a teaching assistant the first thing you want to establish amongst the students in the class that you’re helping out in is a mutual respect between them and yourself. There are several ways in which you can achieve this but if you do not learn all of their names as soon […]

Graphic Novels Worth Teaching About Part 3

Nat Turner By Kyle Baker Before the civil rights movement (and I’m sure I don’t need to remind you) slavery was a huge part of the American system, even culminating in a civil war over the abolition of it. Again, it is so important to teach young people about the wrongs of slavery and the many horrors that were enacted […]

Graphic Novels Worth Teaching About Part 2

Persepolis By Marjane Satrapi It’s likely that you may have already heard of Persepolisthanks to the animated rendition of the book that was critically acclaimed and well rewarded as such. Even more reason to study the book I say, what we have here is a book that not only teaches us the history and political state of Iran in the […]

Graphic Novels Worth Teaching About Part 1

It is a common misconception that graphic novels and comic books are an inferior form of literacy and as such are rarely taught in schools. Personally, I would consider this to be a great loss to a child’s education. Not only does it offer youngsters a new approach to reading that may draw some students in who before had little […]

Great Exercises for Film Class

Media and Filmmaking are very popular subjects and with the immense popularity of the media industry it should come as no surprise. It isn’t at all uncommon to hear of films making hundreds of millions in their opening weekend, an industry this big means that there are plenty of jobs to go about. Perhaps the most exciting thing about film […]

Smart Ways to Prepare Your Child For College

They say High School is the passage of rights for young adults. It is esteemed as the height of their education with a side of social structures. This acclimation is foundational in their preparation for the future. In the latter years of Secondary Education, they begin to think about career choices and areas of study they are most interested in. […]

Do Children Benefit from School Schedules?

In the bright time of the morning, the first bell of the school day rings. Students have a regimented schedule to follow for their classes and assignments. Some wonder if the timely rules are too stringent for children and teens. The topic is debatable depending on which side of the School yard fence you are on. In reviewing history and […]

Tips for Making History Exciting

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to appreciate how interesting history can be, I think many people feel the same, having taken little to no interest in the subject at school. In fact, I remember it being one of the most boring lessons going, each session was a chore, an endless list of dates and names that I was sure […]