Helpful Memory Techniques for Students

The Memory  game had us pointed in the right direction from a young age. In an apples to apples order, the facedown cards were teaching us an important aspect we would need the rest of our lives. For some lucky Students, they see it or hear it once and have the fact fossilized in their Memory. Others have to use […]

The Benefits of Gym Class

Many kids will tell you their favorite school subjects are Gym and Lunch. As parents, we may remember the scooter and relay races that gave us a chance to stretch our legs and put the pencils down. In effort to reduce cost and make room on the schedule, schools have reduced the requirements for Gym classes. This has led some […]

The New Rules in Schools

The rules in schools have changed drastically over the past one hundred years. Cities and towns have become well populated leading to a growth of the educational system. The saying “ the more the merrier” may not apply in this situation. With the rising numbers of students and the decline of societal standing, there is a perceived gap within the […]

The Benefits of School Clubs and Programs

School clubs and programs are optional groups that hold a specific center of interest. They may not be directly linked with grade cards, however the valuable lessons that are learned are worthy of the honor roll. There are several benefits for students who participate in activities that highlight their interests. Programs with intellectual focuses and athletic endeavors are more than […]

The Importance of Literature in the Classroom

Literature is a member of the general course line up in most educational systems. In the classroom, inclusive forms of writing are viewed, studied and discussed. This helps students become familiar with diverse writing techniques and applications. Popular writing categories to visit a Literature schedule include: Poetry Fiction Non-Fiction Drama Media Each classification holds a myriad of styles and works. […]

Back to School with Adult Education

Back to School with Adult Education

In 2016, statistics showed that over 40% of European adults had participated in education or training within the last 12 months. It’s reasonable to assume that this number has only increased during the intervening years. It’s quite clear from this data that adult education is a thriving sector and one which interests a large percentage of people. If you’ve ever […]

Teens Get Involved in the Classroom

Keeping young adults interested in a particular topic can be quite a challenge. When it comes to teaching teens, the term “goes in one ear and out the other” may come to mind. Students have the desire to learn, however they sometimes lack the attention span or interest in a specific subject. In effort to keep them invested in their […]

Science in Our Everyday Life

Busy days keep many of us going on an around the clock schedule. School, work or at home obligations leave little room for the smaller details in our life. In fact, at least thirty percent of our time is spent on auto pilot. We no longer think about the small actions we make when we enter a room, or even […]

The Everyday Mathematics

Albert Einstein once stated, “Pure mathematics, is in its way the poetry of logical ideas”.  For anyone who has tried to configure calculus in their life, math may not seem as eloquent as Einstein had thought. Algebraic equations and Quantum Mechanics are dynamically complex theories. Math in its basic form to intricate calculations have been the very foundation of some […]

Five Literary Classics to Read

Reading is more than a hobby. The pages of a book can bring your day to a whole other place and time. From imaginative tidings to factual findings, reading allows you to see different perspectives and perceptions. These facets open your mind to the many possibilities both in yourself and in the world around you. The literary world encourages envisioned […]