Science in Our Everyday Life

Busy days keep many of us going on an around the clock schedule. School, work or at home obligations leave little room for the smaller details in our life. In fact, at least thirty percent of our time is spent on auto pilot. We no longer think about the small actions we make when we enter a room, or even […]

The Everyday Mathematics

Albert Einstein once stated, “Pure mathematics, is in its way the poetry of logical ideas”.  For anyone who has tried to configure calculus in their life, math may not seem as eloquent as Einstein had thought. Algebraic equations and Quantum Mechanics are dynamically complex theories. Math in its basic form to intricate calculations have been the very foundation of some […]

Five Literary Classics to Read

Reading is more than a hobby. The pages of a book can bring your day to a whole other place and time. From imaginative tidings to factual findings, reading allows you to see different perspectives and perceptions. These facets open your mind to the many possibilities both in yourself and in the world around you. The literary world encourages envisioned […]

A Day in the Classroom Before Cars and Computers

In this modern era, it is hard to imagine a world without technology. It seems as if we are moving at warp speed into a futuristic possibility. The further into a technological world we get, the farther away our histories seem. There was a time before computers and even cars that remind us of our humble past. It is important […]