• Technology in the Modern Classroom

    The world has opened the eyes and minds of students with furthered accessibility to the varied cultures found around the globe.

  • Five Literary Classics to Read

    Written with descriptive precision, this story will enchant you from beginning to end with an adventurous spirit and the soul of friendships.

  • Science in Our Everyday Life

    From technological marvels to minute details, there is a bit of Science in everything we do.

  • The Benefits of School Clubs and Programs

    Learning team work and accountability is an essential aspect of self-development.


The New Rules in Schools


Trisolaris By Liu Cixin Becomes A TV-show

Ever since the world success adaptation of the novel The Lord Of The Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien, the producers have been looking for fantastic material that could follow in the footsteps of Peter […]

Top Tips for New Teaching Assistants

Make Sure You Know Everybody’s Name ASAP

Essentially, as a teaching assistant
the first thing you want to establish amongst the students in the class that
you’re helping out in is a mutual respect between them and yourself. […]

The Importance of Literature in the Classroom

Reading between the lines offers an insightful new perspective to the otherwise printed words that you see.


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