• Technology in the Modern Classroom

    The world has opened the eyes and minds of students with furthered accessibility to the varied cultures found around the globe.

  • Five Literary Classics to Read

    Written with descriptive precision, this story will enchant you from beginning to end with an adventurous spirit and the soul of friendships.

  • Science in Our Everyday Life

    From technological marvels to minute details, there is a bit of Science in everything we do.

  • The Benefits of School Clubs and Programs

    Learning team work and accountability is an essential aspect of self-development.


The New Rules in Schools


Top Tips for New Teaching Assistants

Make Sure You Know Everybody’s Name ASAP

Essentially, as a teaching assistant
the first thing you want to establish amongst the students in the class that
you’re helping out in is a mutual respect between them and yourself. […]

Graphic Novels Worth Teaching About Part 3

Graphic Novels Worth Teaching

Nat Turner

By Kyle Baker

Before the civil rights movement (and I’m
sure I don’t need to remind you) slavery was a huge part of the American
system, even culminating in a civil war over the […]

The Importance of Literature in the Classroom

Reading between the lines offers an insightful new perspective to the otherwise printed words that you see.

Literary Classics to Read